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All the reasons you’re going to love ClearPoint.


Balanced Scorecard

Manage perspectives, themes, and all other elements of a Norton and Kaplan Balanced Scorecard.

Strategy Maps

Track the status of your strategy visually with a linked strategy map.

Goals & Measures

Set goals for your organization, and determine whether you are meeting those goals with measure data.

Project Management

Monitor your project’s timeline, budget, and percentage complete.

Create Your Own Linkages

Link your goals, measures, projects, action items, and risks to one another in one scorecard (or across multiple scorecards).

Evaluate All Elements

Automatically generate RAG statuses when new data is entered, saving time and maintaining consistent evaluation criteria over time.


Set up series to automatically generate values based on data existing in ClearPoint.

Qualitative Analysis

Report not only on quantitative data, but also through qualitative information—like analysis and recommendations—to add context.


Establish accountability by assigning measure ownership.

Action Items

Set up tasks for users to accomplish by a particular date.


Monitor any risk within your organization, and connect these risks to your strategic plan.


Custom Fields

Create custom fields to track specific information relevant to your organization.

Custom Layouts

Drag and drop fields on your detail pages to create customized layouts.

Custom Reports

Drag and drop fields to create columns in your report. Print as needed, or drill down to the details.

Create Standard Layouts

Ensure all of your reports are consistent with your custom fields and layouts.

Change Your Top Navigation

Edit the terminology used in the software to reflect what your organization uses.

Edit In-Line

Make quick changes to your information directly on the page.

Custom Styling

Change your report’s color scheme to match your organization’s branding.

Make Default Layouts

Assign new elements of your reports to mirror your favorite layout.

Create Report Templates

Set up templates to easily go back and access ordered reports.

Customize Your Status Indicators

Upload any image or icon as a custom status indicator.

Create Custom Number Formats

Format your data however you want it, with the ability to choose from standard formats—like percentages, currencies, and decimals—or create your own.


Responsive Design

Access your data on-the-go through your desktop, tablet, and mobile device.

Briefing Books

Pull multiple pages of ClearPoint together in a comprehensive, hyperlinked PDF to prepare the team for a status meeting.

Export To Excel & PowerPoint

Bring your data to a meeting (or notify a team member of results) through simple data exports to Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint.

Powerful Chart Engine

Explore endless charting styles and visually depict your data in just a few clicks.


Print layouts and reports from ClearPoint while maintaining the same clean look and feel.

Custom Headers & Footers

Utilize your brand’s logo, look, and feel in your reports.

Custom Cover Pages

Create custom cover pages for reports to provide an introduction or background information.

Multiple Page Sizes

Print reports to letter, legal, tabloid, or A4 formats.

Enterprise Plan

Publish To Community Dashboards

Push your ClearPoint data to a community dashboard to communicate your progress with stakeholders or citizens.


Manually Enter Data

Find and update your data without any technical expertise.

Cut & Paste

Easily paste spreadsheet data into the system.

Create Multiple Charts For One Measure

Slice and dice your data so you can easily view and analyze performance in different ways.

Roll Up Information Across Scorecards

Cascade your data from operational to strategic levels and vice versa.

Professional Plan

Load Data Automatically

Schedule data to be automatically uploaded from spreadsheets or SQL queries.

Enterprise Plan

Use The ClearPoint API

Import and export data in and out of ClearPoint in a flash.

Enterprise Plan

Integrate With Zapier

Move your data and automate tedious tasks easily.


Email Reminders

Schedule reminders to notify measure owners about updating their data.

Update Notifications

Receive notifications when data is updated in the solution.

Alerts For Status Changes

Set up custom alerts so you can be notified if your RAG statuses turn red.


User Permissions

Control user access and editing capabilities.

Audit Log

Record all activity in ClearPoint with an audit log that can be easily filtered and exported.

Enterprise Plan

Single Sign-On

ClearPoint partners with Ping Identity to provide SSO as a login option.

Password Management

Control your organization’s password complexity, and choose to expire passwords every 90 days.

Professional Plan

Two-Factor Authentication

Require users to provide an extra code when logging in for increased security.

Professional Plan

Rules-Based Permissions

Allow account administrators to pick exactly which areas and elements in ClearPoint a person or group should have access to.


Custom Reporting Periods

Create custom reporting groups, and then apply them to individual measures.

Manage Users

Add users to your account and control what they can see and edit.

Manage Scorecards

Easily add new scorecards and manage them with ease.

Fiscal Years

Set up your account to report on your current reporting schedule, and create fiscal year calculations and charts.

Professional Plan

Scorecard Backup

Take a snapshot of your account at a certain period in time and easily track changes.

Make Bulk Changes

Save time by editing multiple items at once.