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Automate your reporting process, manage
your Balanced Scorecard, and take control of
your operations once and for all.

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Send Excel packing so you can focus on your strategy.

If spreadsheets rule your life and fixing broken links is a daily challenge, you might be in Excel Hell. Trying to manage your reporting process using a limited tool like this may be part of the problem. Enter ClearPoint, a reporting solution flexible enough to fix data entry issues, enable cross-organizational collaboration, and improve scorecard management.

Build management and strategy reports with ease.

Summary Reports

Easily drag and drop the information you need for each report using a single data source, and filter and export your reports on the fly.

Meeting Management

Forget the last-minute scramble before monthly strategy meetings. With ClearPoint, you can effortlessly generate and send out reports to your senior management.

Collaboration & Ownership

With ClearPoint, you can easily assign accountability and ownership so everyone knows what they’re accountable for without question.

Data Loader

Operational and financial data is easily imported into ClearPoint, eliminating the need to manage, track, and report on this data from different places.

Leading financial organizations manage their strategy with ClearPoint.

AIGLiquid Capital Financing SuccessUNFCUSeguros BolivarBlue Bay Asset Management

“… The ability to import data into ClearPoint with little or no manual effort has been a critical element in the acceptance of the system by our staff… The true test of any performance measurement system is to effectively facilitate the process of using data for decision making. ClearPoint is passing this test with flying colors.” City Of Olathe

Get the job done with ClearPoint.