Senior Database Developer

Atlanta, GA

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ClearPoint Strategy facilitates better and more timely business decision-making and execution through software applications. We are looking to add a uniquely qualified individual to build on our already strong Microsoft SQL Server driven performance management SaaS application. You’ll need to live and love Microsoft SQL, T-SQL, index tuning, and doing unexpected things in the database, to thrive here. To qualify you’ll need to have a BA or BS, have 5-10 years of experience developing with SQL Server. This is a developer role, not a DBA role, though you’ll need some DBA skills. You’ll need to live and love:

  • MSSQL stored procedures, functions, indexed views, etc.
  • Using OPENJSON and FOR JSON techniques to cast to/from JSON
  • Index tuning (the tools, techniques, pitfalls, etc.)
  • When to use cursors and when to avoid them
  • How to troubleshoot things like serializable locking and deadlocks
  • How to best monitor and proactively care for SQL Servers

You should also:

  • Understand how REST APIs work
  • Have an interest in building scalable applications
  • Care deeply and are proud of your code
  • Enjoy talking about challenges and how to solve them in code
  • Be able to think on your feet and handle ambiguity

Desired Personal and Professional Skills

We prefer to remain small & nimble and are looking to add one exceptional person who possesses a sharp and inventive mind and a willingness to roll up one’s sleeves and “get things done.” We’re pragmatists and value results, so efficiency and effectiveness are important. We’re looking for that special combination of a brilliant and efficient team member, who can tune our database, turn our slow TSQL into fast TSQL, and generally make it all work better.

Our Stack & Application

The technology stack that powers our application is comprised of various components and technologies, including RESTful APIs, AngularJS, NodeJS, C#, Lucee, SQL Server and PHP. We’re fans of highly modular components that work together to form efficient overall solutions. We run on Amazon AWS, using Docker containers, virtual private clouds, elastic load balancers, etc. We employ Linux and use Windows where necessary. Our journey to a fully modern stack is interesting story. Ask about it at your interview.
We have a cool application that’s been running on SQL Server since MSSQL 2008. We’re on SQL 2017 and loving it! We consume and produce JSON at the database tier, have complex SQL stored procedures that do all kinds of great stuff, and leverage many cool new features in SQL Server.

We have invested in the suite of Redgate tools, so you’ll have SQL Compare, SQL Source Control, SQL Prompt, etc. at your fingertips. We believe in professional development, so attending SQL PASS, Seattle can happen. We subscribe to Brent Ozar’s SQL ConstantCare and are notified when we mess things up.

Company Culture & Norms

ClearPoint Strategy is an ideal hybrid of startup and stable company, offering employees an innovative office and work environment, combined with the security and benefits of an established organization. We are continually exploring new markets, but we’ve found product-market fit in key verticals, like municipalities. Our founders have graduate degrees from Harvard (the sales guy) and MIT (the tech guy), and undergraduate degrees from Duke and Bowdoin, respectively. We value creative thinking, problem solving, and the ability to get things done. Employees can expect:

  • Ownership: We empower our people to pursue novel approaches.
  • Challenge: What we do isn’t easy, and we solve interesting and difficult problems all day long.
  • Skills: There’s zero stagnation. We use the latest tools and technologies.
  • Variety: You can touch all parts of the stack and see your influence on real, live, shipping products.
  • Creative input: Ideas are valued from all corners of ClearPoint, and we work fast.
  • Community: We hang out and take care of each other, and believe it makes our company strong.


To be considered, please send a resume and a cover letter highlighting your skills, experience, and interests to [email protected] Tell why you love Javascript, NodeJS, and AngularJS. Show us the code you’re most proud of. We do expect that you live in Atlanta, GA or be ready to move here on your own. You’ll need to show us what you’ve done that qualifies you for this position. We will want to find out what interests and motivates you, and why you want to work here. Be ready to be tested and challenged and show us your enthusiasm! Wow us with your technical repertoire. Make it easy for us to click reply and ask to interview you.

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