ELGL Strategy Cohort Meet-up

Tuesday, February 15, 2022 | 2:00 pm EST

ELGL Strategy Cohort Meet-up

The 2021 graduating class will come together on February 15th for a post-graduation meet-up!

In November 2021, we celebrated the graduation of  eleven local government leaders from the Engaging Local Government Leader’s (ELGL) Strategy and Performance Cohort.

The program is a 3-month program in partnership with ELGL that helps organizations build strategic plans at a rapid pace.  On February 15th, the 2021 class will come together for a virtual meet up to share their progress, discuss challenges and celebrate successes.

This is an invitation only meeting for strategy cohort graduates only. For more information about the ELGL Strategy and Performance Management Cohort program, contact Laura Chandler, Director of Community, at [email protected].