Performance Management at a High-Performing Organization

February 23rd | 11:00 am EST

Performance Management at a High-Performing Organization

Behind-the-scenes insights and lessons learned

Carilion Clinic is a healthcare organization comprised of hospitals and physician practices that provide care to approx. 1 million people.

Performance management is both mature and effective at Carilion and is based on a series of scorecards for departments, sections, and even individuals – as well as leadership.

Join Darren Eversole, Director of Finance at Carilion, for a guided tour of this high-performing performance management system: the different categories of scorecards they use, the logic that guides their annual planning and updating process, how they narrowed the key metrics focused on from 70 to just 7, and more – lessons learned and key insights to advance performance management at your organization in just 30 minutes!