ClearPoint Community: Texas Regional Meeting

TBD | City of Fort Worth, Texas

ClearPoint Community: Texas Regional Meeting

The City of Fort Worth will host the ClearPoint Community – Texas region for a deep dive into all things strategy and performance management.

To facilitate the exchange of best practices in both ClearPoint and performance management as well as strengthen our ClearPoint Community, we’ll be hosting a regional event in the City of Fort Worth, Texas. We host these events around North America to bring together like-minded individuals who work in strategy and performance management in the same geographic area. Regional Meetings provide an excellent opportunity for networking and learning from others.

We begin each meeting with introductions about who is in the room, and then dive into conversation. Each organization will informally share what they are doing with strategy and performance management. Organizations are welcome to log into their ClearPoint account if they would like, bring slides to share, or present in whatever manner they would like. Each organization will present for 10-20 minutes and we give plenty of time for questions and discussion. Additionally, the ClearPoint Team will share some interesting things we are seeing clients doing and explain how it is working in ClearPoint.

During the meeting, we will also explain information about our larger ClearPoint Community and how attendees can get involved for even more networking, learning, and exchanging of best practices. ClearPoint provides a delicious lunch, and the team will walk through features coming in the next ClearPoint release and share the ClearPoint product roadmap. We also will give time for ClearPoint users to share product feedback and feature ideas. Plus, we can set up one-on-one meetings with anyone who is interested immediately following the meeting.

If you are in Texas Region, we would love for you to join us!