Balanced Scorecard software for for-profit organizations.


Easily manage your scorecard, simplify version control
across business departments, and focus more on
analysis than tedious report generation.

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Managing your strategy has never been easier.

The daily grind of report generation can be wearing—particularly when you have so many metrics to report on. You need a tool that helps you oversee the strategy and controls for all facilities and business units—and that’s where ClearPoint comes in. ClearPoint is a flexible, sophisticated software that can handle all of the intricacies of a for-profit organization, but is simple to set up, use, and manage over time.

Align strategy and operations with ClearPoint.

Audit Trail

Because all user activities are logged, ClearPoint makes it easy to track changes and ensure accuracy.

User Permissions

With ClearPoint, you can easily create customized user privileges so the right team members have access to the right information at all times.

Data Loader

ClearPoint allows you to load metrics you’ve tracked in other databases—like inventory levels, overhead percentages, and material costs—so you can easily view everything in one dashboard.

Customizable Reports

Because of ClearPoint’s flexibility, you can easily view data from different teams or plans in the same software and organize the charts, graphs, and analysis simply by dragging and dropping the information.

For-profit organizations manage their strategy with ClearPoint.

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“ClearPoint is easy to use, we can clearly see where we are with our targets, and we can see what we are doing in order to improve.”
LSU College of Engineering