ClearPoint Measure Library

Look no further than the ClearPoint Measure Library to benchmark and connect with high-performing municipal organizations.

Access KPIs from high-performing municipalities.

  • Choose from nine focus areas including Public Safety, Finance, Public Works, and more.
  • Leverage 80+ measures backed by ICMA.
  • See more than 400 measures actively being managed by participating municipalities.

Elevate your benchmarking.

  • Link multiple library measures back to your own data for comparison.
  • Use the ClearPoint Measure Library as a hub for your region’s benchmarking initiative.
  • Participate in discussion forums and learn from those actually tracking these measures.

Learn from best practices.

  • Gain insight on the charts, series, data types and descriptions organizations use to track their data.
  • Read measure definitions and get contact information for those reporting on the measures.
  • Copy measures from other organizations to yours so that you can replicate their tracking and success.

Join the community.

  • See information about population, government structure, and more.
  • Contact knowledgeable administrators directly with questions.
  • Filter your search criteria and choose different municipalities for different benchmarks.