Building A Public Health Performance Management System

Move your organization one step closer to accreditation by using ClearPoint’s software as your public health performance management system.

Ted, Founder and Managing Partner at ClearPoint, has over 25 years of experience working with organizations to improve their performance management and strategy execution processes.

While becoming nationally accredited is not mandatory for public health departments, there are undeniably strong incentives to achieve this goal. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers funding to support accreditation efforts and hands-on training opportunities for accredited organizations. Accreditation also strengthens grant applications, solidifies partnerships, and improves management processes, among many other benefits.

Yet any organization undertaking this process knows it’s no cakewalk—it takes years of work to meet the standards of the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB), which is the independent body co-funded by the CDC to develop and test accreditation activities. The required steps and documentation for accreditation are so rigorous that they often become a catalyst for public agencies to make needed internal changes. The process of accreditation helps health departments revisit (or create for the first time) a strategic plan, review performance management, and “health check” their processes. By formalizing performance management and the quality improvement process, an organization can focus its culture on results and continued growth.

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At certain stages of the accreditation process, health departments may look for resources to help them meet PHAB’s standards, particularly when it comes to building a public health performance management system. The good news is that software already exists to meet your needs. If your health department is trying to get accredited by PHAB, here’s how ClearPoint’s strategic planning system can help you meet six important requirements in the process:

1. A Performance Management System To Monitor Achievement Of Organizational Objectives

Choosing the right public health performance management system is an important decision for organizations. The system must be both sophisticated and user-friendly, with tools that allow you to set objectives at all levels, track progress, and analyze data.

This is no simple task for health departments, but ClearPoint’s performance management software is designed for exactly these functions. The system helps organizations monitor and measure performance, positioning leadership teams to make informed decisions and improve processes based on clear data and analysis.

  • Enter all performance standards, goals, targets, indicators, and expectations into ClearPoint and track progress over time.
  • Link data and trace the relationship between different organizational objectives, public health performance measures, and initiatives.
  • Bulk upload data and automatically evaluate results against preset targets for your objectives, measures, and initiatives.
  • Add qualitative commentary and context to any section of data.
  • Measure results on any reporting cycle, such as monthly, quarterly, or annually.

See examples of how healthcare organizations use strategy maps to measure performance and achieve objectives.

2. Staff Development And Involvement In Performance Management

By giving your entire staff access to the performance management process, you will increase employee engagement and buy-in at all organizational levels. In short, everything and everyone will work better.

  • Assign different types of user access levels to staff, from full administrative access with editing power to view-only access.
  • Foster a deeper understanding of public health performance measures and data with summary dashboards and custom charts.
  • Enable decision-making throughout the organization by providing staff with the information they need.

3. Customer Satisfaction With Health Department Services

ClearPoint’s software provides health departments with a framework to systematically process customer feedback. You’ll have the technology to analyze and create action items from the customer and stakeholder input you collect.

  • Upload data from surveys, focus groups, and other polling sources into ClearPoint for evaluation against targets.
  • Easily download results and analysis in clear, visually appealing reports.

ClearPoint's results and analysis reports

4. Quality Improvement Process Development

Health departments are intrinsically committed to continuous improvements that better the health of the community, but aren’t always successful at clearly demonstrating this to either accreditation boards or their communities. A public health performance management system will help you prove the efficiency and effectiveness of initiatives that are focused on quality improvements.

  • Conduct quantitative analyses within ClearPoint’s software, including tracking trends across measures, aggregating data through departments, monitoring year-over-year progress, and comparing results to preset targets.
  • Customize internal pages to include summary explanations, images, and links to other documents or web pages. These summary sections help others understand the story behind the data, draw educated conclusions, and plan quality improvements accordingly.
  • Record data by month, quarter, year, financial year, or other chosen time period and compare results (e.g. year-over-year or month-over-month).
  • Display data visually in an unlimited number of chart types that organize information in multiple ways (e.g. by objective, measure, or status).
  • Use charts with color-coded icons to compare actual results to target results, making it simple for both department employees and PHAB to understand performance.

5. Quality Improvement Program Creation And Implementation

After collecting data that pinpoints areas for quality improvement, a public health performance management system must be able to help create and implement needed changes. ClearPoint’s software has the project management capabilities to put your improvement programs into action.

  • Create quality improvement tasks in Gantt charts, with specific time frames and staff assignments.
  • Use Gantt charts to keep projects on track internally.
  • Download and share Gantt charts with PHAB as proof that quality improvement programs are in place and progressing within designated time frames.

ClearPoint's gantt charts

6. Documentation And Data For PHAB

Documenting all standards and measures as required by PHAB for accreditation can seem daunting. But a powerful performance management system can create the documentation you need in a few quick clicks, without hassle.

  • Gather information into a ClearPoint briefing book, which can be customized to include any data, charts, and analysis. Briefing books contain marks of “authenticity,” such as organization logos and date stamps.
  • Export and download briefing books, as well as individual book pages.
  • Automatically generate any type of recurring report to show updated information, such as quarterly or yearly reports with both current and historical data.

ClearPoint's recurring reports

Bonus: Public Transparency And Accountability

While PHAB’s standards for accreditation do not include public accountability requirements, health departments realize that transparency is a large part of their responsibility to the community. ClearPoint’s public-facing dashboards offer an easy solution for organizations that need to condense and distill data into a story their customers will engage with.

  • Display data (even in real-time) to community members in concise and easy-to-understand dashboards.
  • Use public dashboards to communicate targets and goals, explaining performance results using visuals.
  • Clearly show progress on measures and highlight any programs that are flagged to improve.
  • Pull data from ClearPoint straight to department webpages.

Meeting PHAB’s national public health performance standards takes time and effort, but ClearPoint can make everything easier from this stage onward. With our software, the work your organization has already done as part of the accreditation process will be transformed into an efficient public health management system. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve PHAB’s accreditation requirements.

Building A Public Health Performance Management System