Quickly build scorecards and dashboards that update themselves.

Build and manage your Balanced Scorecard.

Gain control of your management reporting process.

With ClearPoint’s scorecard software, you can manage your scorecard in a timely and accurate manner. ClearPoint supports the Norton and Kaplan Balanced Scorecard methodology, and any variation or evolution of it.

  • Create a single scorecard or multiple cascading scorecards—to cover every division, department, and team.
  • Customize your scorecard with your names for elements and or other fields.
  • Manage perspectives, themes, objectives, measures, and initiatives.


Create strategy maps.

Align your organization with a concise, visual example of your strategy.

Strategy maps give you the ability to showcase the cause-and-effect relationships between your strategic objectives. This simple, clean, visual representation is easy to refer back to and fosters unity and better understanding in your organization.

  • Link your objectives, measures, and initiatives to your strategy map.
  • Drag and drop custom elements.
  • Create multiple theme maps for any given scorecard.

Manage measures and goals.

Easily track the progress of what you’re trying to accomplish.

If you don’t have goals in place, how will you know if your organization is making progress? ClearPoint helps you with KPI management, so you can be sure that you’re on track to meet your priorities.

  • Create associations across your scorecards for simple, drill-down capabilities.
  • Ensure your measures link to your strategic goals.
  • Measures can link to more than one goal in more than one scorecard.

Link projects to strategy with Gantt charts.

Determine whether you’re spending your resources in the right places.

Project management is only helpful if you’re managing the right projects. ClearPoint can help you see how—and if—your projects link to the key elements of your strategy.

  • Track key elements of your projects over time, like start and end dates, budget, and percentage complete.
  • View your projects in a Gantt chart.
  • Separate projects from action items so you can ensure timely and organized follow-up meetings.

Get the job done with ClearPoint.