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Granting the Data Loader 1.0 permission to folders

Warning: This feature is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

Note: This help article only applies to Data Loader 1.0. Please check out the newest version of the Data Loader here.

Want to run scheduled uploads that access files stored in shared folders? Granting the Data Loader’s scheduler service might be necessary. Learn how to do this below.


1) Right click on the folder housing the files

2) Click ‘Properties’

3) Go to the ‘Security’ tab

4) Click ‘Edit’

5) Click ‘Add’ user

6) Click ‘Advanced’ options

7) Select ‘Find Now’

8) Scroll down to find the user named ‘Everyone’

9) Click ‘OK’

10)Click ‘Ok’ again

11) Select ‘Full control’ for ‘Everyone’

12) Click ‘Apply’

13) Finish by selecting ‘OK’

14) The last thing you need to do is restart the service. ┬áLocate it on your computer by searching ‘services’

15) Click ‘View local services’

16) Find the ClearPoint Data Loader service and select it

17) Click ‘Restart’

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