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Accessing previous page exports

Pages that were generated in the past can still be accessed in the document library. PDF, Excel, and PowerPoint files are all stored in a quick and easy-to-access location.


1) Click on ‘Page Exports’ under ‘Documents’ in the Control Panel.

2) Here, a list of previously generated page exports will appear.

3) To filter on these exported files, use the search bar at the top of the page.

4) Click on the Download icon next to the desired export to view it.

5) To see only the exports that you’ve generated, uncheck the ‘All Users’ box.

6) If you would like to clean up, you can also check the boxes next to any undesired files and click the Delete Multiple trash bin in the upper right-hand corner.

7) You will notice that next to the title of each export we have a file type. The Adobe Acrobat icon for PDF, ‘P’ stands for PowerPoint, and ‘X’ for Excel.

8) You can also tell what type of page the export is by looking at the label at the end of the name. ‘Summary’ means it is a summary report and ‘Detail’ tells you that it is an individual detail page.

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