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Adding action items

Action Items are useful for tracking tasks in ClearPoint associated with other elements like Initiatives, Milestones, and even Measures. This article walks you through how to add an Action Item to your scorecard.

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Adding action items from Manage Action Items

From the Action Items dropdown menu, click on Manage Action Items.

Click the plus icon in the top-right corner. Enter a Name for the new action item. More information such as Owner and Description can be indicated on this screen as well.

Set the Start and End Dates for the action item, and click Save.

Note: The new action item will appear at the bottom of the list, but the elements can be re-ordered by following the instructions in this article.

Adding Action Items from a Detail Page

Action Items can be added to the element you are viewing from its detail page. This shortcut allows you to automatically create the link between the two elements when the Action Item is added, saving you the extra step. This is especially helpful for Action Items, as they are typically used as one-off to-do list items that may be identified during a meeting and associated with a specific objective, measure, or initiative from the strategic plan.

First, make sure the Action Item field is displayed on the element detail page. Then, double-click on the Action Item field, and click Add Action Item. In the window that appears, give the action item a Name and fill out any necessary additional fields. Set the Start and End Dates for the action item, and click Save.

The action item will appear in the list, automatically linked to that element. Click the green check mark to save any other updates.