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Adding trendlines to charts

Trendlines can be added to charts to provide additional insight into how a particular series is trending – options include linear, exponential, logarithmic, power, and polynomial regressions! Learn how to get these advanced charting lines set up here.

Feature available for Professional Plan and above

From the measure detail page, double click on your chart to open the chart editor window. Click on the Chart Series tab.

To add a new chart series for your trendline, click on the plus icon. A new window will appear.

Note: Adding this chart series will NOT add a new series to your Measure Data table. It will simply add a new series to the chart!

From the Measure Series dropdown, select the series you would like the trendline to be based on. In the Label field, give the trendline a name. Under Series Options, you can adjust the shape of the trendline. You can also assign a marker type. Click on the color picker icon or insert a hex code to select a color for your trendline.

Under Advanced Options, select Plot trendline using regression model for the Chart Series Values field. Select the regression type you would like to display on your chart, using the Trendline menu. There are many different regression options here, including linear, exponential, logarithmic, power and polynomial regressions. When you are done setting up the trendline, click Save.

You will notice that your new trendline chart series has been added to the list of series, marked with a blue Trendline tag. Click on Refresh Preview to see what your new trendline will look like. Finally, click Save.