August 2021 Product Updates | ClearPoint Strategy

August 2021 Product Updates

Summer is winding down, but our ClearPoint Product Team is ramping up! We have some incredible new updates to share with you so read on to find out more.

The New and Improved Chart Library

We have added dozens of new chart types to our library, giving you the building blocks you need to create meaningful data visualizations for your reporting. Some highlights include…

  • Nine awesome chart categories to help keep things organized
  • 100% stacked charts now available for Bar, Column, and Area chart types
  • Updated styling options for Pie and Gauge charts
  • Waterfall charts to clearly see starting value compared to the current value

The chart types are conveniently categorized as shown in the table below. And don’t worry, the old charts in the library have not gone away! The second column in the table displays the old chart names and where their equivalent can be found in the new and improved categories that you will use going forward.

Note: Naming was updated so that ‘Column’ charts are vertical columns and ‘Bar’ charts are horizontal bars.

Best practices and further explanation of each chart type can be found in the Changing Chart Type help article.

Other Exciting Updates & Bug Fixes

  • Bulk Changes and Custom Scripts – The limit for number of changes that can be made by a bulk change or custom script has increased to 2,500 changes per template run!
  • User Activity Report – Users who login via SSO will now successfully be included in the User Activity Report.
  • Exporting Gauge Charts to PDF – Gauge chart needle animation was disabled to allow for cleaner exports that show the needle in the correct spot.
  • Data Loader 2.0 – CSV files are now successfully mapped. We fixed a bug that occurred when mapping a SQL file in legacy format if a user skips the ‘Map Columns’ tab.