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Building a summary report for making updates

This article will walk you through how to create a summary report in ClearPoint for end users to easily make their data updates all in one place. Interested in streamlining your overall end user experience? Check out our article on creating an easy update experience for end users!


Note: For this example, we will be building a Measure summary report!

Adding a new summary report

1) Click on ‘Manage Measure Reports’ located under the Measures top menu dropdown.

2) Click the Plus icon to add a new measure summary report.

Building Out Your Summary Report Columns

1) Name your new summary report.

2) Click into the Columns tab and on ‘Add Columns’.

3) Check the boxes next to the fields that should be updated for the reporting period. This often includes ‘update’ fields such as Analysis, Recommendations, Series Name, Series Status, etc.

It can also be helpful to include the Owner and Reporting Frequency fields in this report so the user knows who is responsible for the update and how often an update should be made.

Adding Filters to Summary Report

1) Click into the ‘Filter’ tab on the left.

2) Click on the green ‘Add Filter’ button.

3) Use the dropdown menus to set up Filter criteria. This will narrow down which Measures are included in the report.

For a report that will be used by many different end users to make their updates, we recommend setting up a ‘Current User’ filter.

a. Element = ‘Measure’

b. Field = ‘Owner’

c. Comparison = ‘Equals’

d. Value = ‘Current User’

This will show only measures that are owned by the viewer of the report, thus the report will look different for each user and will only display the measures that they are responsible for updating.

4) Click ‘Save’ on the filter pop-up, and then ‘Save’ again for the summary report overall.

Once saved, users can double click into fields in the report to make updates to the measures they are the owner of! When they are done with their changes they can click on the green check mark to ‘Save’ or the red X to ‘Discard’.

Next Steps?

Take things up a notch and reference your new update report through a data grid on a scorecard summary report to make it easy for end users to leverage your new report!

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Questions about all this?

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