Changing the home scorecard of an element | ClearPoint Strategy

Changing the home scorecard of an element

A home scorecard is the scorecard where an element is created and stored. This defines which users can see the element (based on access to the scorecard), and which summary reports the element will be included in by default. Anytime an element appears outside of its home scorecard (whether through links or inclusion in a summary report), the home scorecard’s name will appear in small grey text underneath the element. This article walks you through how to change the home scorecard of an objective. The instructions are the same for changing the home scorecard of a measure, an initiative, an action item, and a risk.

From the Objectives dropdown menu, click on Manage Objectives.


Click the edit pencil icon for the objective whose home scorecard you want to change. A new window will appear. Click on the Edit Fields tab. In the Scorecard field, select the desired home scorecard. For this example, the objective’s home scorecard is being changed from ‘Upward Airlines Corporate’ to ‘Eastern Division.’

A window will appear informing you that the element has been moved to a new scorecard. Click OK. Click Save and you will be taken to the Manage Objectives page on the new home scorecard. The objective now belongs to the ‘Eastern Division’ scorecard.