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Changing the credentials on your Community Dashboard

Feature available for Professional Plan and above

These instructions apply to organizations using a ClearPoint Community Dashboard. This article walks through how change the credentials in WordPress using API Keys created in your ClearPoint account.


First, you’ll need to create an API key in your account. if you haven’t already created an API Key, you can find the instructions here. If you do not have access to API Keys in your account, reach out to ClearPoint Support at

1) Once you have your API Key, log into WordPress. To access the WordPress login page, type your dashboard’s URL in the URL bar, followed by “/wp-login.php”, so that it has the following format:

2) Enter your credentials and click ‘Log In’.

3) Once logged in to WordPress, click on ‘ClearPoint’ in the side navigation.

4) Under ‘Connection Credentials’, click on ‘Change Connection’.

5) On the window that pops up at the top of the page click ‘OK’.

6) Please do not alter the Environment settings. This should always be set to ‘APP’.

7) In the ‘Access Key’ field, copy and paste in your Access Key from ClearPoint.

8) In the ‘Secret Key’ field, copy and paste in your Secret Key from ClearPoint.

9) Click ‘Update’. Your account name will appear in the ‘Connected Account’ field.

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