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Changing user timezone

In ‘My Profile’ you can set your timezone. Administrators can also change the timezone for other users. Keep in mind that schedules are based on the timezone of the schedule creator, so you should set a schedule based on the time zone you’ve defined.


How to set your timezone

1) From anywhere in ClearPoint, click on the Profile icon in the upper right corner. It will have your initials or your photo if you have one set.

2) Choose ‘Edit Profile’ from the dropdown menu. A new window will appear.

3) In this window you can set your timezone. Note that this will affect your scheduled items.

4) Click ‘Save’.


How to set the timezone for other users

1) Under ‘System Settings’, click on ‘Users and Groups’.

2) Click on the Edit icon for the user whose timezone you want to set.

3) Set the timezone for the user.

4) Click ‘Save’.

*Note: If your set timezone is different than the timezone of your computer, a toaster will appear upon logging in.

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