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ClearPoint 11.5 Release Notes (April 2018)

Curious about what’s new in ClearPoint? You’ve come to the right place. Learn about all the new features and functionality that have been added to ClearPoint over the past couple months in this help article. Also, check out our 11.5 sneak peak webinar and pricing page. Want to learn more? Email us, at Happy Reporting!

Measure Library

ClearPoint 11.5 enhances the Measure Library so that municipalities can now actively engage with each other through discussion threads.  Engage with your peers and get your questions answered by like-minded individuals in discussions regarding municipal performance management.

  • Discussion Thread: Users can ask questions and share information about best practices in measures and performance management.
  • Sort by Last Updated: Sort measures by the last time they were updated, so you can see as soon as your peers report their previous month’s data.

Project Evaluations

You asked and we listened. We introduced project evaluations as a way to automatically evaluate projects to take the subjective, guessing game out of assessing a project’s status. This feature is available to Enterprise plans only.  

  • Tracking Projects: Users can track quantitative information, such as budget or percent complete, for initiatives, milestones, action items, and risks.
  • Automatic Initiative Evaluations: Evaluate your initiative based on any quantitative field such as budget, percent complete, or even the status of child milestones.

  • Chart Project Data: Track quantitative data in custom charts to provide new, visual displays of project’s status.

Master Measures

Master Measures were introduced in order to save users time in setting up and editing multiple measures. Master Measures can be used to add or edit multiple measures with the same measure template. Changes to these measures can be applied in bulk, saving admins precious time. This feature is available to Enterprise plans only.

  • Add and Edit Calculated Series: Instead of adding the same calculated series to different measures, administrators can use a Master Measure to add a calculated series to all linked measures.
  • Adjust Evaluation Criteria: Administrators can use a Master Measure to change the evaluation criteria for all linked measures, and ensure that the criteria evaluation is consistent.
  • Add charts in bulk: To save time, customized charts can be created in a Master Measure and then added to all linked measures.


ClearPoint 11.5 introduces even more advanced Measure features that help users efficiently manipulate data and create calculations. Some of the awesome features include:

  • Master Measures: As mentioned above, users can add or edit multiple measures based off the same measure template.
  • Reference Series: Users can now pull quantitative data from default and custom fields from any element. Quantitative custom fields such as budget can now be tracked in a measure data table, charted, and used in calculations or evaluations. This feature is available to Enterprise plans only.

  • Test Calculations: When clicking the ‘Test’ button in a calculation, users will be able to see the element name and series that are being used in the calculation, as well as the result.

Admin Options

We are always looking for ways to improve navigation around your ClearPoint account.  The less time you focus on navigating ClearPoint, the more you can spend on executing strategy!

  • API Keys: Administrators can now generate their own API Keys that can be used by developers working with our API. This feature is available to Enterprise plans only.
  • IP Restrictions: Administrators now have the ability to ‘allow’ or ‘block’ specific IP addresses to enhance account security. This feature is available to Enterprise plans only.
  • Recalculate: To ensure that calculations are up to date, administrators can use the powerful recalculate function on entire scorecards.

  • Features sorted by Plan Type: The different features in Admin Options are now separated by plan type (Basic, Professional, and Enterprise). This allows administrators to quickly see the features that their account has access to.
  • Separating Default and Custom Fields: Default and custom fields will now be separated into different menu options so that administrators can quickly determine which fields they’ve created and which ones come standard in their account.

Behind the Scenes

In addition to bug fixes and implementing countless enhancements in response to client feedback, our development team made some notable background improvements that make for a better ClearPoint experience.

  • Performance Improvement: Improvements to areas of the tool, such as Admin Options, will help with the overall performance for administrators making changes here.
  • Database Optimization: The ClearPoint database has undergone some work to allow for faster save times in things like measure series, charts, and bulk editing.

Want to take this list with you? Click here to download a PDF version  of the ClearPoint 11.5 Release Notes.