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ClearPoint 12.0 Release Notes (November 2018)

Curious about what’s new in ClearPoint? You’ve come to the right place. Learn about all the new features and functionality that have been added to ClearPoint in this help article. Also, check out our 12.0 sneak peak webinar and our blog posts on how you can use the new scheduling and notifications features to automate and improve your reporting! Want to learn more? Email us, at Happy Reporting!


You asked and we listened. We introduced scheduling as a way to automatically schedule various tasks, from data uploads to reminders to report generation. This feature is available to Professional and Enterprise plans.

  • Data Loader Schedules: Users who are leveraging the Data Loader already understand how much time it saves. In 12.0, you can add and edit schedules from Admin Options rather than having to open the Data Loader.
  • Scheduled Reminders: Reminder emails can be configured with a scheduled run time to let data owners know it is time to make their updates. Administrators no longer need to log into ClearPoint to manually send reminder emails.
  • Scheduled Briefing Books and HTML Reports: Add schedules to Briefing Book and HTML Report templates so they are generated and delivered to your team’s inbox at regular intervals.



Reminders allow you to remind users to update their data or analysis, and these reminders can now be scheduled! For more on how you can use scheduling and reminders features to automate your reporting, see our article on Automating your reporting process.

  • More Recipient List Options: In addition to the default Owner and Collaborators fields, custom user picklist fields can also be used to determine reminder recipients.
  • Scheduled Delivery: As mentioned above, schedules can be added to reminder templates to give users the nudge they need to get data in on-time.


Briefing Books and HTML Exports

With 12.0’s new scheduling features, it’s easier than ever to create and distribute your reports in ClearPoint. You can now create a custom list of recipients to receive a Briefing Book or HTML report and schedule the report to generate and be sent to the selected recipients automatically.

  • Recipients List: To make report distribution easier (and faster!) Briefing Book and HTML Report templates now have a place to add recipients. As soon as the document is generated, it will be emailed to everyone on the list.
  • Scheduled Delivery: As previously mentioned, templates can be scheduled for generation.



ClearPoint notifications help you streamline your reporting process and stay updated on important changes to elements you are responsible for. You can read about the notifications we find most useful in this article.

  • Notification Templates for All Users: Any user can create their own notifications for any element of their choosing. Basic options include Any Edit, Any Update, or Any Change.
  • Customized Notification Templates: Create custom templates based on fields like Status, Analysis, Start/End Date, and even custom fields.
  • Notification Assignment: For Administrators who want users to know the moment important changes happen, they can create custom notification templates and assign any user they choose. These templates will also be available for other users to reuse on the element of their choice.


  • My Scorecard and My Favorites Alert Control: Easily choose whether you want to receive in-app alerts whenever there are changes to elements you own or have marked as a favorite.
  • My Notifications: This new menu, found in the same place as My Favorites and My Scorecard, provides a summary of all elements that you are watching with notifications.
  • Simpler Email Notification Settings: In 12.0, we’ve simplified notification emails to three options—receive an email for every notification, digest all notifications into a single email, or never receive email notifications.
  • Translated Notification Emails: For all our non-English speaking friends, your emails will now be translated to the language specified for your organization. ¿Cómo se dice, ‘Hooray’?

User Administration

Administering users in ClearPoint is now even easier, with a new option to define scorecard access at the scorecard level and the introduction of user time zones to determine when scheduled tasks will be completed. 

  • Define Scorecard Access at the Scorecard Level: Previously, user access had to be determined on a per-user basis from Users and Groups. Starting in 12.0, an admin can go directly to a scorecard to determine who has access.
  • Set Your Own Time Zone: Any user can now specify their time zone when editing their profile. This is important if you are creating schedules for your Briefing Books, HTML Reports, Data Loader Packages, or Reminders.


User Experience

We are always looking for ways to improve navigation around your ClearPoint account.  The less time you focus on entering data, the more you can spend on executing strategy!

  • Easier Element Linking: An improved UI on the element linking screen will allow users to quickly link multiple elements.
  • Live Updates on Detail Pages: If someone else provides an update in ClearPoint, you will now immediately see this change when viewing detail pages. No more refreshing, logging out and back in, etc.


Want to take this list with you? Click here to download a PDF version of the ClearPoint 12.0 Release Notes.