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ClearPoint 14.0 Release Notes (January 2020)

ClearPoint 14.0 Release Notes

Our biggest release ever is finally here! We’ve provided a quick overview of what that means, highlighting the brand-new features and awesome enhancements you should be excited about! Also, please be sure to check out the 14.0 webinar.

Data Loader 2.0 (Enterprise Plan)

Calling all ClearPoint power users! If you are interested in trying out our new Data Loader 2.0, you can sign up for our pilot program – first come, first served! With the new Data Loader you can…

  • Upload both quantitative and qualitative information (such as Analysis or Recommendations)
  • Add entirely new scorecards and elements – talk about easy account set up!
  • Upload data manually, on a schedule, or ‘watch’ a file to automatically push saved updates
  • Map your Excel file with ease due to less strict Excel file format requirements and fresh new UI

Note: The original Data Loader will still be functional through the end of 2020.


Bulk Changes Scripts (Enterprise Plan)

Administrators of Enterprise and Government plans can now easily make mass changes throughout their account based on criteria they set. Learn more about this powerful new feature in the Bulk Changes Care Package.


Tagging (Enterprise Plan)

Tagging allows users to group objects in ClearPoint together, which can then be used as filter criteria across the account, including for summary reports and bulk changes. Tag names and colors can be customized and then assigned to scorecards, objectives, measures, initiatives, milestones, action items, risks, series, or charts. Already have tons of ideas for tags in your account? Check out the Tagging Care Package.


Project Evaluations (Enterprise Plan)

Including data tables (just like the ones you use for measures) for project-based elements like Initiatives, Milestones, Action Items, and Risks just got so much simpler. All you need to do is set default series for the data table and check the ‘enable’ box in Admin Options! Piece of cake. Need a refresh? Here is our Project Evaluations Care Package.


Summary Reports (All Plans)

It won’t take you long to realize that there are some exciting new changes to how you create summary reports! We’ve highlighted some of the most exciting new features below, but take a look at our Summary Reports Care Package to get the full scoop!

  • The new horizontal preview on the ‘Columns’ tab matches the actual layout of the report for more intuitive report building.

  • Include fields from any elements in any report type
  • Scorecard column now displays the scorecard from which the element was selected, rather than the home
  • Enable full-width columns for certain elements or fields to have it span across the report and maximize real estate
  • Set table styles for individual columns to highlight important information or where updates need to be made
  • Indicate the number of periods to display for each update field, including the element status

  • Choose to ‘group by’ any element type to control how the report will be formatted based on the elements’ links
  • Filter measure summary reports on series from the data table to control exactly which ones are included
  • Series Status and Series Name columns are now separate.  Previously, you only needed to select series status.  However, this complicated the custom columns widths and limited the additional fields to display for the series.
  • Customize element order in any report on the new ‘Element Order’ tab

  • Quickly sort report order by clicking on column headers  or navigate to the bottom of the report to determine how many rows per page to display


ClearPoint Sync (Enterprise Plan)

Remember hearing about that super cool Excel add-in that allows simplified data flow between ClearPoint and Excel exports? This incredible feature is officially released with ClearPoint 14.0 so read up in the ClearPoint Sync Care Package to make sure you know what it’s all about!

Webhooks (Enterprise/Gov)

You can now set up Webhooks in ClearPoint to send messages or other information out of ClearPoint and into your other applications. Check out our Webhooks Care Package to learn more.


Chart Embed Codes (Enterprise/Gov)

Embed codes allow ClearPoint charts to be embedded on websites, intranet sites, or anywhere that supports HTML. This new feature allows users to easily share data visualizations with various audiences! Learn more in our Embed Codes Care Package.


Scorecard Summary Reports (All Plans)

Scorecard summary reports that reference an existing summary report in the account will now retain the custom name you give it at the scorecard level, rather than reverting to its original name.

Admin Options – Default Settings (All Plans)

  • Default Layouts – Assigning default layouts for element detail pages under ‘Report Options’ is now much easier to navigate and find the exact element you want to reference.
  • Default Fields – Labeling default fields now has an updated look to make it easier to identify fields, give them a custom name, or even hide those you do not want to use.
  • Default Series – Default series can now include set data types, calculations, and evaluations, which means huge time savings when setting up new measures.


UI/UX Enhancements (All Plans)

  • Quick Helps – Click on the ‘?’ icon at the top of pop up windows in your ClearPoint account to learn more about the feature or be directed to the related help article.
  • Window size adjustment – Click on the square icon of a pop up window for a full screen view.
  • Window close – ‘X’ in the upper right of windows can be used to close them.
  • Bulk edits and updates – Making bulk changes to multiple selected elements on the ‘Manage [Element]’ page now has a more user-friendly interface so you can make mass changes in few clicks!
  • Strategy Map editor – The UI of the strategy map edit window is now consistent with the rest of ClearPoint so you’ll know exactly how to make your changes!
  • Detail page scrolling – The element name and edit icons now scroll with you as you move down the page so you can make edits quickly!
  • Dashboard sizes – Measure Dashboard reports now have three sizes–small, medium, and large.
  • Excel alignment – Cell values in Excel reports are now middle aligned to allow for a better ClearPoint Sync experience.
  • Name field – The Name field on detail pages now has an appearance more consistent with similar field types.
  • Pod styles –  Pod styles now do a better job of using whatever style settings were provided, so some styles may look slightly different after the release.

Want to take this list with you? Click here to download a PDF version of the ClearPoint 14.0 Release Notes.