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ClearPoint 14.5 Release Notes (November 2020)

See what’s new in ClearPoint below!  We’ve highlighted what to expect with some of our brand-new features and awesome enhancements in ClearPoint 14.5.

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My Updates (Professional and Enterprise)

My Updates is a brand new view available to all users to help make their data reporting experience as quick and efficient as possible.

  • Update elements all from the same page.
  • Mark updates as complete to help keep track of what still needs to be updated.
  • Celebrate another successful round of updates with dancing polar bears and confetti!

Reporting Workflows (Professional and Enterprise)

Reporting Workflows allow managers to easily define what updates are needed, by when, and by whom.  Scorecards included in a Reporting Workflow will populate appropriate elements in My Updates for whoever is responsible, thus making their reporting experience as simple as possible!

  • Define when updates can be submitted with Start and End Dates.
  • Specify which users will be responsible for providing updates.  Accountability is key in any reporting process!
  • Select the scorecards for which updates are needed.  All elements in the scorecard are included.
  • Create Workflow Emails to remind users to submit their updates.  Set your process on autopilot by scheduling Workflow Emails.

  • Leverage the Reporting Workflow Dashboard to see the exact status of your report at any given time.
  • Send quick reminders to any users who may need that extra nudge to get done in time.

Calendar View (Beta)

  • Visualize all the moving pieces for a reporting calendar in a single place, including
    • Briefing Books
    • HTML Reports
    • Reporting Workflows
    • Workflow Emails
    • Reporting Periods
    • Scorecard Recalculations
    • Reminders
    • Data Loader Packages
  • Add and edit schedules directly in the calendar.

Donna Support Bot (All Plans)

  • Get support questions answered immediately with an AI-driven support bot, which searches our 200 help articles for exactly what you are looking for.
  • If Donna can’t help, you can always reach out to our award winning support team.
  • This new support feature is available to non-premium support users!  Premium support users will still have direct access to the in-app chat feature.

Navigation Changes (All Plans)

  • My ClearPoint – My ClearPoint is now the home to My Updates, My Favorites, My Scorecard, and My Notifications.  Any of the pages within My ClearPoint can be set as a user’s home page!







  • AutomationNotifications and Reminders now join Reporting Workflows and Schedules under the control panel menu “Automation.”
  • Schedules  Schedules, now located under “Automation,” can be accessed and managed by Scorecard Admins.







  • RecalculateRecalculate Scorecards moved from under System Settings to Manage Scorecards.  Same functionality, new home!
  • Lock Icon – The Lock feature in the top navigation has been removed while we rethink exactly what the “meeting” experience of ClearPoint should look like.

UI/UX Improvements (All Plans)

  • Custom Styles – Preview Pod and Table Styles while building them in Admin Options.

  • Table Styles – Cell alignment in summary reports can now be controlled in table styles.
  • Data Loader Keys – Grant users’ Data Loader specific API Keys from the Data Loader menu in Admin Options.
  • Custom Fields – See where Custom Fields are in use by the new Summary Reports and Detail Layouts tabs when editing a Custom Field.


  • Cleaner Page Breaks – Summary reports embedded in data grid custom fields on pages like scorecard summary reports have been tweaked for improved page breaks.

Deprecated Features

  • Data Loader 1.0 – Data Loader 1.0 has served us well for many years but is scheduled for retirement by the end of 2020.  Data Loader 2.0 can do everything 1.0 could, and more!  If you still need to migrate from 1.0 to 2.0, please reach out to our support team.

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Picklist filters for “equals” was actually filtering by “contains.”  This logic has been updated for more accurate summary reports!
  • Period labels on detail pages were randomly showing the lock icon when the period was not actually locked.  This has been fixed so that the icon will only appear if the period is in fact locked.
  • Initiative end dates could be set chronologically ahead of the start date.  We’ve added some safety bumpers in ClearPoint to prevent this from happening again!