ClearPoint is ADA Compliant | ClearPoint Strategy

ClearPoint is ADA Compliant

ClearPoint accessibility meets WCAG 2.1, ADA, Section 508 and AODA standards through an optional plug-in. Clients in all plans can opt-in for this feature in their account if they reach out to our support team at

Once enabled, there will be a new icon in the upper right hand corner of ClearPoint. Clicking this icon will open a new window with the accessiBe plugin options.

In the new window, you can enable the Virtual Keyboard and turn on basic Accessible Mode options using the options in the blue top menu.

If you would like to adjust the font size you can do so by using the plus and minus icons. Selecting the Emphasize Links option will create an orange boarder around clickable items in ClearPoint. You also have the option to adjust color & display to fit your needs by clicking Color & Display Adjustments.

The plugin interface can be hidden if you click the Eye icon at the top of the window. Clicking Cancel Settings will allow you to cancel the accessibility settings you set up and return to the default. If you would like to view the release statement, you can do so by clicking Statement.