January 2019 Product Updates | ClearPoint Strategy

January 2019 Product Updates

With ClearPoint 12.0, we introduced some great new features. Here are some details on our most recent round of bug fixes and enhancements that should make your usage of these features even better!

Find in Grid for collaborators—Summary reports now support finding in grid for collaborators to give you more flexibility when filtering a report for a specific user’s items.

Project Evaluation grids now included in PDF exports—We changed the way initiatives with project evaluations export so you can see the full data table for your projects. With this update, you can now see the details behind the project’s performance. Don’t want to include it?  See this help article to learn how to hide pods when printing.

Pasting into the Data Table—We made some improvements to the data table for users who are pasting in values. Keyboard shortcuts and values with a wider range of number formats are handled better, among some other minor improvements.

Series Status now supports 0 (zero) —Using the series status field to display values for the current period on your detail page? This field will now display 0 when applicable, so you’ll know when the value is zero versus null.

Calculations are now hidden-period friendly—You can now base one measure’s calculation off another measure with a hidden period; hidden periods will not affect the calculation.

By Scorecard users with Scorecard Admin permission can now edit Notification (again!)—By Scorecard users can once again edit notifications to change the notification type, assign different elements, or add new recipients.  To learn more about creating and sending reminders, see this article.

Save and Continue improvements—Save and Continue is one of our favorite features in ClearPoint because it allows reporting superheroes to move efficiently through set up or data entry for the last month’s updates.  We made improvements here to allow you to keep moving faster.


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