July 2019 Product Updates | ClearPoint Strategy

July 2019 Product Updates

ClearPoint has another round of product enhancements to share! If you love exporting out of ClearPoint to report on and even to update your strategic elements, listen up, because these updates are guaranteed to make your life easier!



ClearPoint Sync

This beta feature is revolutionizing the way you can make updates in ClearPoint. Now, you can export summary reports to Excel, make your updates directly in the spreadsheet, and use the ClearPoint Sync add-in to ‘post’ data back into ClearPoint automatically. Or, make your updates in ClearPoint, and simply ‘refresh’ to receive the most up-to-date information in Excel. 

  • If you are interested in being a Beta user of this new feature, please reach out to our Support Team at support@clearpointstrategy.com. ClearPoint Sync is available with the Enterprise Plan. We will send you the installer, as well as the ClearPoint Sync care package to help you get set up. Be sure to check out our blog article on the feature as well!

Exporting Improvements

In addition to introducing ClearPoint Sync, we’ve made some small improvements to exporting to make your life a little easier. 

  • Reporting Frequencies Report: This exciting new report provides insight into how all periods in your account are being used, including which periods are used in every reporting frequency and exactly where those reporting frequencies are in use throughout your account. It can be generated from the Manage Reporting Frequencies page under System Settings.

  • Categories in Excel: If you have descriptions for your categories, you no longer have to worry about them cluttering your Excel export with unnecessary text.
  • Number Formats in Excel: Whether you are exporting the Measure Data table or a summary report to Excel, ClearPoint respects that you selected data types for a reason, and thus they are reflected in the Excel number formats. This is extremely helpful if you like to export measure data to Excel and then do math on it.
  • Sub-milestones in Excel: The hierarchy of milestones you have set up for your initiative is now visibly apparent in Excel exports. If it is an indented sub-milestone in ClearPoint, it will be indented in Excel.

  • Dashboard PDF Exports: We made space on the first page of a Dashboard Large measure summary report so 6 charts will fit instead of three.  This will give it a cleaner and more consistent look when exported to PDF.
  • Revision History Filters: You’ve done so much great work in ClearPoint, that the Revision History can be overwhelming at times. That’s where the filter options come into play, and now they’ll hold in your Excel export as well!
  • User Access and Activity Reports: If you have a lot of users, it may be helpful to search or sort these Excel reports by last name only – and now you can with the new last name column!