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Creating custom number formats

Admin Options

Feature available for Professional Plan and above

In addition to providing a selection of default number formats, ClearPoint gives you the tools to create custom number formats to fit your reporting needs. This article walks through creating a custom number format and then adding it to a series.


Creating a custom number format

1) Click on ‘Admin Options’ from under ‘System Settings’.

2) Click on ‘Custom Number Formats’. A new window will appear.

3) Click on ‘Add Number Format’.

4) Click the edit icon next to the new format to edit the details. A new window will appear.

5) Give the format a name so that you can recognize it (e.g. ‘4-Decimal Currency’)

6) Enter your ‘Currency Symbol’. This would be any symbol your measure uses – not just currency. (e.g., ‘%’)

7) Select a number of decimal places between 0 and 8 (inclusive).

8) Define the position of the currency symbol relative to the number. The ‘parentheses’ portion is only relevant if you are using parentheses to indicate negative numbers.

9) Choose how negative values will be indicated.

10) Determine which symbols will serve as separators and decimals. (e.g., ‘No separator, period decimal’ would correspond to ‘100000.00’.)

11) Select ‘Negative Values in Red’ to have negative values appear in red in your data tables.

12) A preview of the values will appear here.

13) Click ‘Save’.

Using a custom number format in a series

1) On the appropriate measure page, click the Edit Meausure icon. A new window will appear.

2) Navigate to the ‘Measure Series’ tab.

3) Click the Edit icon next to the series.

4) Select ‘Custom’ from the ‘Data Type’ dropdown menu.

5) Select the format from the ‘Custom Format’ dropdown menu.

6) Click ‘Save’.