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The Data Loader 1.0 Care Package

Warning: This feature is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

Note: This help article only applies to Data Loader 1.0. Please check out the newest version of the Data Loader here.

The ClearPoint Data Loader allows users to bulk upload data from Excel, CSV, or SQL queries to their measures in ClearPoint.  Data is uploaded in a matter of seconds and can even be set to upload on set schedules.  The Data Loader can save you and your team a ton of time by avoiding monotonous manual data entry every month.  Plus, you can get up and running in less than an hour with these 5 easy steps. The Data Loader is available for Professional, Enterprise and Government accounts.

1. Watch this 2 minute video

2. Install the Data Loader

  • If you already have the Data Loader, skip to step 3!
  • If you need to download the Data Loader, please reach out to us at and we’ll send you the installer!
  • If your organization requires IT approval before installing software onto your computer, send them our support article on frequently asked questions.

3. Create upload file

  • In order for the Data Loader to read your file, it needs to match a specific format.  Check out some of these ready-to-go templates to save yourself some set up time.
  • An example of what an Excel file should look like can be seen below. Periods for uploading should run down column A and series should start in column B and move from left to right. 
  • In addition to Excel and CSV, the Data Loader allows users to SQL query their databases for uploading: Connecting the Data Loader with SQL data sources

4. Map to your measures in ClearPoint

5. Schedule uploads

  • When you are finished, data can either be manually uploaded, or you can set up scheduled uploads.

6. Still not convinced?

  • Check out this blog post about how ClearPoint users have improved their reporting process by using the Data Loader.


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