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Changing the default series included in a new measure

Admin Options

Series are the columns of data that are tracked over time in the measure data tables. By default, each new measure includes an ‘Actual’ and ‘Target’ series in Currency format, but this can be changed in Admin Options. This article walks you through how to add, remove, or change the series included in new measures. Making these changes will not influence existing measures.


1) Click on ‘Admin Options’ from under ‘System Settings’.

2) Click on ‘Default Series & Charts’. A new window will appear.

3) To remove a series from appearing in new measures, click the Delete icon.

4) Edit the series by clicking the Edit icon.

5) To add a new default series, click the ‘Add’ button in the top right corner.


6) Name the series under ‘Default Series Name’.

7) Select a data type. By default, this is ‘Currency’.

8) Use the first two check boxes to ‘Hide series in summary reports’ or ‘Hide series in summary reports and data tables’.

9) The third check box will ‘Lock the series for updaters’ so that they cannot input data into the series.


10) On the Calculation tab, you have the option to set a calculation for the series. This will automatically apply to all new measures that are created. Check out our help articles on creating calculations and advanced calculations for more information on getting this set up!

11) On the Evaluations tab, you have the option to set up automatic evaluation criteria using check the boxes, dropdown menus, and ‘Series Name’ and ‘Calculation’ boxes. This criteria will automatically be an Evaluation Option for all new measures that are created. Take a look at our series evaluations help article (in the ‘Automatic measure evaluation’ section) for more specific instructions.

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