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Duplicating a scorecard

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This article walks through how to duplicate a scorecard. Duplicating a scorecard is helpful for archiving historical information or to add new scorecards by copying a scorecard template for uniform elements and linkages. 


1) Click on ‘Scorecards’ in the top navigation.

2) From the dropdown menu, select ‘Manage Scorecards’.

3) Click the Duplicate icon next to the scorecard that will be duplicated.

4) Give the duplicated scorecard a unique name.

5) Check the box next to ‘Copy Status and Scorecard Data’ to include all of the scorecard content including elements, associated data, and summary reports.

6) Check the box next to ‘Cascade copy the Scorecard (duplicate all child Scorecards)’ to create copies of the child scorecards as well and establish the same hierarchy.

7) Click ‘Duplicate’. The new scorecard will appear in the list.