Editing default field labels | ClearPoint Strategy

Editing default field labels

Admin Options

Feature available for Professional Plan and above

It is easy to customize field labels for objects in ClearPoint to match the terminology used in your organization.


1) Click on ‘Admin Options’ from under ‘System Settings’.

2) Click on ‘Field Labels’. A new window will appear.

3) Click into the tab for the field label you would like to edit.

4) The ‘Name’ and ‘Plural’ fields determine how the object will appear across ClearPoint.

5) Click ‘Save’.

Using the ‘Customization’ option

1) The ‘Customization’ option lets you use a custom label for the object by scorecard or by language. Click on ‘Add Customization’.

2) Select whether this customization is based on ‘Scorecard’ or ‘Language’.

3) Select the scorecard or language.

4) Fill in the singular and plural of your customization.

5) Click ‘Close’ to add this customization.

6) Click ‘Save’ to save the modified object names and to apply the created customization.