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Editing a Gantt chart

This article will show you how to edit a Gantt chart in ClearPoint. Gantt charts are helpful and commonly used time-based bar chart to track project status.

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Gantt Chart Editing

In order to access Gantt Charts, click on the Initiatives dropdown menu in the Top Navigation. Choose your Initiative from the list that populates once you hit the dropdown. Scroll down to the bottom of the Initiative report page to see the Gantt chart displayed.

You can adjust the width of the line in the Gantt Chart to see the full names of your Milestones by dragging it left or right. When the page is exported, that line will be respected, so you can see the entire name of your Milestones. Double click on a Milestone bar to edit that Milestone. A new window will appear. Edit the name and status of the milestone. Change the start and end date. Edit the Percent Complete.

Click on the Close button. Click on the green check mark icon to save.

Using the Copy Forward feature on a Gantt Chart

On the Initiative detail page, double click on the Milestones Gantt Chart field. Click the copy forward icon.  A new window will appear. Select the different items to copy forward into the current period. Only blank values in the current period will be replaced with values from the previous period. Once you have selected the items to copy forward, click Copy Forward.