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Embedding a ClearPoint HTML export in an iframe

Once you have generated an HTML export in ClearPoint, the published report’s URL can be embedded in an iframe to display the report within another web page. This allows you to easily embed your report on your website or intranet.

Feature available for Professional Plan and above

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Getting the URL for a published report

Click on HTML Exports from under Documents in the Control Panel.

Click the edit icon to edit the desired report template.

Under the Link header, you will see a short URL. This URL automatically updates to display the most recent published version of your HTML report. Copy this URL to embed in your iframe.

Embedding the URL in an iframe

Note: You will need the webmaster for your website or intranet (someone who has access to edit your web pages) to perform these steps.

1) Insert an HTML <iframe> element into the HTML for your web page, placing it where you want to display the report. The basic code for the iframe is:
<iframe src=""> </iframe>

2) Paste the URL from ClearPoint into the quotations following src=. For example:
<iframe src="https://publish.clearpointstrategy.com/123/yourpublishedreport"> </iframe>

3) Once you have the URL embedded in the iframe, there are HTML attributes that can be added to format the iframe as well, like width and height. Some example of these attributes can be found here. For example:
<iframe src="https://publish.clearpointstrategy.com/yourpublishedreport" width="1024" height="800"> </iframe>.

4) After saving the newly added iframe referencing your report URL, your web page will display your published ClearPoint report in an iframe.

You can also embed ClearPoint charts using an iframe – find out more here!