February 2021 Product Updates | ClearPoint Strategy

February 2021 Product Updates

We have some very exciting updates to share this month! If buzz words like “branding,” “customization,” “data visuals,” or “integrations” pique your interest, then you came to the right place! You can find all the important details below.

Branding in ClearPoint

We substantially simplified our branding options so that you (yes you!) can make your detail page pods, summary report tables, and briefing book headers and footers look totally awesome, without any knowledge of CSS! If this sounds like your dream come true, it gets even better…

  • Use dropdown menus and color-pickers to change things like border type, background color, font size, and more!
  • Create templates for headers and footers that can be applied across your briefing books, making it easy to keep your reports looking clean and consistent.
  • Leverage tokens, such as {PageNumber} or {GeneratedDate}, to create dynamic custom footers.
  • Manage all your branding needs from one convenient location in Admin Options – Custom Styles.
  • CSS enthusiast? Not to worry! Use the CSS Style Editor if you want to create more complex styles, just like you could before.

Feature Enhancements

  • Chart Periods – New charts will now automatically take on the same reporting frequency as the measure, saving you tons of time and the extra formatting headache of making adjustments on the Chart Periods tab.
  • Report Recipients – Get your leadership team (and other browser or view-only users) more involved in your reporting process by including them as recipients for your scheduled Briefing Book and HMTL exports.
  • Custom Logout URL – Want your users to be greeted with something other than the ClearPoint login page when they are logged out of the system? With this new feature, Admins can now pick a webpage for end users to see!
    • If your organization is set up with Single Sign-On (SSO), this feature is perfect for you! Avoid the confusion of the ClearPoint login page (which your users do not use) and provide them with a custom webpage that better meets their needs.

  • ClearPoint Sync – Our Excel Add-In can now be installed directly from the Microsoft App Source, making the process 10x easier! Check out this help article for instructions on accessing Sync through App Source.
    • Note: If you already have ClearPoint Sync installed to your Excel, your ClearPoint account manager will be reaching out shortly with special instructions.

Bug Fixes

  • Home Setting – Some customers were having issues setting home pages. This was fixed so that pages like My Updates or My Favorites can be your home page.
  • Pasting Data from Excel – When entering data into your Data Tables, copying and pasting from Excel is a viable option once again! We appreciate your patience as we resolved this issue.
  • Exporting Charts with Descriptions – Dashboards with descriptions had some formatting issues when exported to PowerPoint. This was fixed.
  • Data Table Refresh Issue – Entering data in measure data tables was prompting an extra refresh on the page that made the user experience a little frustrating. We smoothed this out to ensure quicker updates this month and moving forward!
  • Complete Milestones in My Updates – Previously completed milestones were showing in My Updates views if their parent initiative was part of the workflow. This was fixed so only currently active milestones will show.
  • Element Linkage Issue – In some instances, newly linked elements were failing to show as successfully linked on both elements due to a caching issue. This was fixed so that links will appear for both.
  • Category Save Times – A bug with save time for Categories has been addressed to speed this up.
  • My Updates Link – The My Updates link from Reporting Workflow Emails should now continue to the login screen so that you can go directly from your inbox to making your updates in ClearPoint.