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Getting Started – Navigating ClearPoint

The ClearPoint application was designed to be easy to navigate and easy to use during a strategy review meeting. For this reason, the navigation around the main content panel is minimal and most can be hidden during online strategy reviews.


Screen Areas

1) Control Panel

2) Top Navigation

3) Breadcrumb

Control Panel

1) Period Selector: Select which period to view and update.

2) ‘Home’: Navigate to your home page.

3) ‘My Favorites’: Navigate to pages you have marked as a favorite, as well as pages that you own.

4) ‘Scorecards’: Navigate to different scorecards in your account.

5) ‘Documents’: Create and view briefing books, published reports, page exports, attachments and uploaded files.

6) ‘Notifications’: Setup and view notifications and reminders.

7) ‘Recycle Bin’: See all recently deleted items.

8) ‘System Settings’: Navigate to Admin Options, Users and Groups, Reporting Periods and Revision History.

Top Navigation

1) Open and close the Control Panel.

2) Search for any element in ClearPoint.

3) Navigate to and manage scorecards.

4) Manage summary reports.

5) Navigate to summary reports.

6) Manage elements.

7) Navigate to element detail pages.

8) Lock/Unlock ClearPoint.

9) Navigate to the ClearPoint Support Center.

10) Open ‘My Notifications’, open ‘My Profile’ and logout.

navigating 5


1) Breadcrumb

2) Revision History

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