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Getting Started – Updating Charts

Charts are a great way to visualize your data in ClearPoint. Here are some tips to help you configure your charts.


1) From a measure detail page, double click on a chart to open the chart editor. A new window will appear.

2) On the first tab, you can change the name of your chart.

3) ClearPoint comes with 10 default chart types to choose from

4) You can also turn on and off the chart legend.

5) Use the ‘Select Legend Position’ to dictate where on the chart you want the legend to live.

6) Click on the ‘Chart Series’ tab.

7) You can edit each series’ shape, color, and other attributes.

8) You can enter in a hex code into the Color field.

9) Once you’ve made customizations to your series, hit ‘Save’.

10) Click on the ‘Chart Periods’ tab.

11) Select which periods you would like to show in your chart.

12) Click ‘Refresh Preview’ to preview your chart.

13) Click ‘Save’.


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