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Ideal Bandwidth with ClearPoint

Because ClearPoint is web based software, we often get questions about the minimum bandwidth needed to still use the product.  Learn more here!

ClearPoint was designed with a mobile environment in mind, so all of the pages are responsive and you can view ClearPoint cleanly with a tablet or phone.  We also designed ClearPoint to be fast, even on a slow internet or cellular connection.  ClearPoint utilizes browser-side caching for menu elements, icons, and other commonly used parts of ClearPoint.  So when logging in, there is an initial download that is typically less than 10MB of data.  After login, only a minimum amount of data is passed back and forth as a user navigates and updates information in ClearPoint.  With that in mind, ClearPoint should operate normally on a slow 3G connection (750Kb/s).  Of course, like all applications that use the internet, faster always seems better, so we would recommend connections of 1Mb/s or faster, which can still be found on a normal 3G cellular connection.  Most computers operate at 5Mb-50Mb/s speeds.

To learn more about your current speed, check out this speed test website.  After running a short test, it will provide you with your current upload and download speeds.