June 2020 Product Updates | ClearPoint Strategy

June 2020 Product Updates

We have another round of exciting updates to share with you! Keep reading to see how ClearPoint is working to make your life easier.

Gantt Chart Summary Report Functionality

At ClearPoint, we know how important it is to create customized reports for different audiences, especially when it comes to tracking progress on your projects. The leadership team or an executive audience may want to see the high-level picture, while the project management teams will want to take a detail-oriented view! These new features for setting up Gantt chart reports are sure to fit all your needs:

  • Collapse Gantt (hide milestones) – This feature allows you to hide milestones in Gantt chart summary reports, giving leadership a high-level view of projects underway.
  • Start and End Dates – You can now set hard start and end dates for Gantt chart summary reports. This will help project managers narrow down on a certain time period to see only active projects, or widen their view for longer periods of time.
  • Pixel Width – We’ve implemented adjustable pixel width on the left column of the Gantt chart summary report to better control formatting.

Awesome Enhancements

We took your request seriously and were able to implement a few exciting updates to meet your ClearPoint needs!

  • New supported currencies – Due to popular demand, ClearPoint now supports a vast range of currencies as series data types. Check out the new currencies available!
  • Briefing book owners – As an Admin, users can now change the owner of a private Briefing Book. Admin users can craft custom Briefing Book templates and change the owner to other users so that they can generate their own Briefing Books.
  • Alignment matrix updates Reports will now observe the same 125 min pixel width for each column that other default reports do.  You can also click on the header of the primary element to sort.
  • Summary reports ‘Group By’ interface – We have refined the element ‘Group By’ functionality to be more user friendly and comprehensive.
    • Now, users can select multiple elements to group the other elements and fields by to better control the linkages that will be displayed in the report!
    • For even more fun, you can now enable ‘full width’ columns on more fields in your reports.
  • ClearPoint Sync– We want the ClearPoint Sync Excel Add-In to be accessible to everyone, so we’ve made some exciting new updates to meet your exact needs!
    • You can now successfully use ClearPoint Sync with older versions of Excel, going back as far as Excel 2016!
    • Save your ClearPoint Excel exports to your shared drive and you can now easily install the ClearPoint Sync add-in for Excel online!
  • Points of contact Within the Organization & Security menu of Admin Options, admin users can now fill in the key points of contact for their organization, including account administrators, billing contacts, decision makers, and technical admins.

Navigation Improvements

The ClearPoint team is always looking for ways to improve the user experience. In this release, we implemented some seemingly small changes that can go a long way in improving the experience of users as they navigate to their elements or reports. These improvements include:

  • Clickable breadcrumbs – The breadcrumbs at the bottom of each page are now clickable, making it easier, for example, to go from a milestone to the initiative, or from any detail page back to the home summary report.
  • Easier to navigate Scorecard Tree – When you click on a parent scorecard in the scorecard tree, the child scorecards will now appear. Previously, users needed to click the dropdown arrow to expand the scorecard tree and find the child scorecards.
  • More discoverable dropdown menus – Don’t forget about the dropdown menus! The dropdown menu icons have been darkened so that users do not miss out on critical functionality, like editing page layouts and exporting to PDF or Excel.
  • Direct link to reports in Data Grids – You can now click the preview icon in the right corner of data grids to be taken directly to the original summary report. This makes navigating to reports so much easier!


Bug Fixes

We also have some helpful enhancements and bug fixes to improve your ClearPoint experience!

  • Bulk changes – As bulk changes become part of your regular ClearPoint routine, we have worked out some of the initial kinks, including…
  • Series status data – The series status field previously did not display text data types on element detail pages, but do not worry – this has been fixed and the text data now appears!
  • Percent Complete fields – We fixed an issue preventing both calculated percent complete and percent complete fields from appearing on the detail page at the same time.
  • Element Order – There were some known issues with elements appearing out of order in summary reports.  This has been fixed to ensure elements and charts follow the standard Scorecard > Element ordering rules.
  • Smarter page refreshing –ClearPoint refreshes webpages more efficiently than ever thanks to some bug fixes!

Questions? Check in with our team at support@clearpointstrategy.com!