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Managing the Library Measures page

Member organizations can manage measures that were added by other organizations from the Library Measures page. Learn how your organization can leverage these measures!

Feature available for Professional Plan and above

The Measure Library allows organizations to form benchmarking groups and share measure data directly in ClearPoint. Not only can users view peer data, but users can also pull peer data into their ClearPoint account for calculations, charts, and benchmarking! To learn more about the Measure Library, check out our Measure Library Care Package.

On the Control Panel, click on Measure Library to be taken to a list of shared measures. You can search for keywords or a measure’s name using the search bar. Click on the arrow to the left of the search bar to filter by peer group or peer. All of the peer groups you are a part of will appear as an option in the first dropdown menu. In the second dropdown menu, you can select a peer organization to view all the measures they’ve contributed. Click theĀ Only Measures in Use checkbox to view the measures from the Measure Library that you are using in your own account.

The dropdown menu at the bottom of the page allows you to sort the shared measures based on created date, updated date, name, or contributor. Peer groups can have many contributed measures, so taking full advantage of the search and filter options can help you better find the peer data you’re looking for!

Click on the preview screen icon to the right of a measure name to preview its data. From the preview screen, you’ll be able to click on the different tabs to see the measure charts, data, description, and contact information.

Note: See this help article on Adding Peer Data from the Measure Library to learn how to add a measure to your account.