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Managing strategy maps

A strategy map is your fail-safe to help you work through your organization’s priorities and goals in the proper order. It’s an incredibly effective and useful tool to put in play during both the strategic planning and execution processes.

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Creating your map

Click on Maps from the Top Navigation, and then click on Manage Maps. If you are adding a new map, click the plus icon. A new window will appear. If you are editing an existing map, click the pencil icon next to the map. A new window will appear.

Type the name of your map, and select the way elements will be displayed in your map.  Choose a background color for your map, or upload your own background image. Make sure to upload your own background image as .jpg, .gif or .png. You can also add a background image from our template library.

The option to Show Element Names and Icons means the names of the elements will be displayed alongside status indicators on your map. If you are using a background color, then it would make more sense to Show Element Names and Icons as if you only display the icon, you will not see the element name that the status corresponds to. If you are putting in a background image that already has the names of the associated elements in the image, then it may make more sense to just Show Element Icons.

Select to Hide page title on exported reports if you wish to hide the map’s page title in exported reports. Click Continue.

Adding elements

Adding elements to your strategy map allows you to click directly to the individual pages of each element on the map. To add elements to the strategy map, click on the type of element you’d like to add to your map. You can filter elements by typing over ‘Filter Elements…’. Drag elements onto the screen to add them to the map. Drag them off to remove.

Adjusting elements

Select all desired elements by clicking on each one. The element will turn orange, and a checkbox will appear on it. Click the X to remove all selected elements from the strategy map. Use the two alignment buttons to horizontally and vertically align your selected elements, and the four arrows to adjust all selected elements by a pixel in any direction. Click Map Options, and a new window will appear. Here, you can edit the options related the background color and element display. Click Save when you are finished editing your strategy map.

Click the name of the map from the Maps dropdown menu to view your map.

Duplicating a strategy map

Duplicating a strategy map may be helpful if you want to include additional elements on the same background. Navigate to the Manage Maps page located under the Maps element at the top of the screen. Click the duplicate icon next to the map that you want to duplicate. A new pop-up window will appear. Name the new map accordingly. Click Duplicate. Your newly created map will appear in the list of maps. Click the edit icon to edit your new map.

Deleting a strategy map

Deleting a strategy map would be useful if you wanted to clear out old or unwanted strategy maps from your account. Click on the Maps dropdown menu and then the Manage Maps page. Click the trash icon next to the map that you want to delete. A new pop-up window will appear. Click Delete to permanently delete your map.