March 2022 Product Updates | ClearPoint Strategy

March 2022 Product Updates

With Spring just around the corner, our product team has been back in action, working hard to make sure your reporting process is easier and more efficient in 2022! Continue reading for more information on some awesome new enhancements and bug fixes.

Reporting Workflow Enhancements

Reporting Workflows are a powerful feature in ClearPoint that allow Administrators to easily manage their reporting process with unprecedented visibility into the update progress.  For many organizations, this feature is the backbone of their reporting cycle as it keeps the entire organization on track.  Two new enhancements have been added to Reporting Workflows, which you can learn more about below.

  • Select specific element types to include in your workflow – There is now an option to pick and choose which element type(s) you want to include in your Workflow. Whether you are reporting on elements with a different cadence, or you only want to include certain element types in the workflow, you now have that flexibility.

  • Include Linked Elements – Previously, Reporting Workflows included all elements in the selected scorecard(s).  This included elements which called another scorecard home but were linked to this scorecard through an objective linkage.  From the Scorecard selection tab, you can now choose whether or not to include Linked Elements.  For example, if your organization has department Measures and Initiatives that link up to Objectives at your top-level Scorecard, you now have the ability to choose whether or not to include these linked elements in the Workflow.


Bug Fixes & System Improvements

  • Chart Trendlines Precision – Chart trendline precision now goes to four decimal places.  Previously, the slope only went to two decimal places, causing some trendlines to appear “flat” in ClearPoint.
  • Full Width Columns on Excel Exports – A bug causing Full-Width columns exported to Excel to display with a lot of white space has been fixed.
  • Snapshots – A bug that caused issues with the Image custom field in account snapshots has been resolved.
  • Adding Measures from Measure Library – An issue that removed the option to link an Objective to a Measure pulled from the Measure Library has been fixed.
  • Reminders Recipient Preview – A bug causing Milestone Owners to not appear in a Reminders Recipient Preview has been resolved.