May 2020 Product Updates | ClearPoint Strategy

May 2020 Product Updates

This spring we are keeping things fresh at ClearPoint!  We have a few exciting product updates that we can’t wait to share with you!

Improved updater experience

As a ClearPoint Admin, have you ever struggled with engaging the end users at your organization?  Do they often fail to complete their updates on time, or forget how to navigate the tool from one reporting period to the next?

Luckily our two newest features can solve this recurring challenge for good!  Follow the steps outlined in this help article to set up an awesome and super easy-to-use update experience for end users!

  • Home Page Setter – Admins can now set custom home pages for the users in their account, ensuring each user is greeted by a landing page best suited for their responsibilities in ClearPoint!  When combined with the Interactive Data Grids and the Current User filter, that means you can…
    • Create an ‘updater view’ with everything important for a basic user
    • Make real-time updates right from the home page

Fixes & Enhancements

We also have some helpful enhancements and bug fixes to improve your ClearPoint experience!

  • Chart Name Consistency – Chart names in Dashboard reports and on linked element detail pages are now listed first above the chart and are clickable, followed by the name of the measure they are associated with underneath.  This change was to make the chart appearance consistent across ClearPoint.
  • Chart Period Display – Setting a reporting frequency for a chart will display the corresponding custom period names!
  • Favorited Reference Reports – When you select to favorite a scorecard summary report that is referencing another report in the account, it will be added to your ‘My Favorites’ page.
  • Aggregate Series Calculations – Bug fix on certain aggregate measures failing to recalculate.
  • Edit Reports in Spanish Accounts – Bug fix for Spanish users who tried making edits to summary reports.
  • Bulk Edit Series Data Type – Series previously disappeared from the data table when the data type was bulk edited, but do not worry – this has been fixed and your series are staying put!
  • Milestone Reporting Frequency – If the reporting frequency of your initiative is adjusted, then the linked milestones will follow suit.
  • Scorecard Report Sorting – If a scorecard summary report is sorted to the top of the list on the ‘Manage Scorecard Reports’ page, then it will become the landing page for the scorecard.
  • Using Safari Browser – Bug fix where users using Safari couldn’t enter data in HTML fields.

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