Managing ‘Measures in Use’ in the Measure Library | ClearPoint Strategy

Managing ‘Measures in Use’ in the Measure Library

Once you have added peer data to the measures in your own account, it is important that you have a way to manage which organizations’ data is being included, which measures contain Shared Series, and if the data is fully up-to-date. Luckily, this can all be taken care of from the ‘Measures in Use’ page of the Measure Library!

Go to the Measure Library in left hand control panel.

In the upper right hand corner, check the box next to Only Measures in Use. This page will display a list of peer measures from the Measure Library that you are pulling data from into your account. Search for specific measures that are in use in the Search Measure Library bar. Click on the green calculator icon to the right of the search bar to recalculate all of the measures that use peer series in your account.

This will refresh the Shared Series to include the most current data from your peers. Click on the link icon to see which measure in your own account is referencing the Peer Measure. Click on the preview icon to see the Charts, Measure Data Grid, Measure Definition, and Contact Information associated with the Peer Measure.