Mid-March 2019 Product Updates | ClearPoint Strategy

Mid-March 2019 Product Updates

Here’s the scoop on recent fixes and enhancements coming to ClearPoint.

Improvements to Reminders—We’ve made a few enhancements to the way reminders are sent to ensure they appear in your inbox as expected.

Dropdown Menu—Long element names now wrap in dropdowns instead of disappearing behind the scroll bar.  This change makes it possible to distinguish different elements that might have similar names.  We’ve also made a fix to avoid having soft deleted elements show up.  We know that might have been confusing.

Go Ahead and Give Your Pages Really Long Names Like This—Previously, users in accounts with lengthy names weren’t able to generate single page exports of pages that also had long names. Now you can make those page (and account) names as long as you like and export with ease!

Revision History Exports at Any Size—Accounts with long records of activity have long revision histories, and some of these lengthy revision histories weren’t exporting. Now your revision history will generate regardless of size.  In case you are curious, some accounts have 1,000,000+ entries at this point!

Watermark with Ease—We ran into an issue where watermarks in Briefing Books negatively impacted the report’s display. Now you can add a watermark to your Briefing Book without worrying about it impacting the display of anything else in your report.

Display Charts tied to Project Evaluations—Now it’s simple to pull a chart that’s tied to a project evaluation out onto an element detail page so you can track an initiative’s progress as it changes!

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