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My Updates

My Updates allows users to update all their elements on one page. Users can view assigned tasks for specific reporting cycles with instructions written by their ClearPoint Administrator.

Navigating My Updates

To access My Updates, open My ClearPoint in the control panel. Click on My Updates.

On the My Updates page, you will see all your active workflows. Each workflow contains custom instructions, written by your ClearPoint Administrator to guide you in making updates. To the right of the workflow name, you’ll also see start and end dates, the reporting period, and a progress tracker.

The start and end dates define the reporting cycle and when your tasks should be completed. After the end date has passed, you will no longer be able to make your updates and mark these tasks as complete from the My Updates page. The reporting period is the period that you are making your updates for. The progress tracker shows you how many tasks you have completed in your list for the workflow.

Workflows contain all the elements you are responsible for updating during a reporting cycle. Workflows are created by your ClearPoint Administrators and help make sure all the necessary elements are updated for a reporting cycle. The elements in each workflow are referred to as tasks and will be listed underneath the instructions, start and end date, reporting period, and progress tracker.

Making your updates

Click on the pencil icon to the right of an element name. An edit window will appear where you can make all your necessary updates. Double click into fields in the edit window to make your updates. When you are done updating, click the green checkmark to save your work. If you are satisfied with your updates, check Task Complete. This is an important step because it allows you and your ClearPoint Admin to track your progress and see when you are done with all your tasks.

Note: For more information on what fields you need to update in the edit window, refer to the Instructions box on the My Updates page.

You can move on to the next element on your list by clicking Next in the edit window.

When you are done making your updates and have marked all your tasks as complete, you will receive a congratulatory message!