Navigating the ‘Alerts Inbox’ | ClearPoint Strategy

Navigating the ‘Alerts Inbox’

The ‘Alerts Inbox’ makes it possible to manage your ClearPoint alerts. You can manage your Alerts Inbox by marking alerts as read, deleting alerts, viewing alert details, and downloading exported attachments.

Your Alerts Inbox contains all your ClearPoint alerts, which includes exports, notifications, and reminders. Users can view details of alerts and even download exports from the Alerts. The Alerts Inbox helps you stay up to date on activity in your ClearPoint account.

From anywhere in ClearPoint, click on the bell icon in the upper right corner to open the Alerts Inbox window.

In the Alerts Inbox, you can click on the slashed bell icon to dismiss all alerts, which will mark all of your unopened alerts as read, removing the yellow highlight. Clicking on the dropdown arrow to the right of the bell icon will open up the dropdown menu. From this menu you can Dismiss All Alerts, Delete All Alerts, and Silence Alert Sound. Delete All Alerts removes all alerts from the Alerts Inbox and Silencing Alert Sound mutes the sound of a new alert.

In the Alerts Inbox window, you can click the download icon to the right of the export name to view the export. You can click the trash icon to delete the individual alert. To view more details of the alert, you can click on the name of the alert or the screen icon.

The window that displays more details on the alert contains information like the recipient of the export, the date and time of the activity, the export as an attachment, and any emails sent.