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Notification settings

Notifications make it possible to monitor particular changes as they are made in ClearPoint. This article explains how a user can change their options for when and how they’re notified and if and when they receive notification emails.

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Alert Sound Settings

Users can adjust how they are notified by editing their profile. From anywhere in ClearPoint, click on the profile icon in the upper right corner. The profile icon will have your initials or your photo if you have one set. From the dropdown menu, you can select Enable or Silence Alerts to turn on or mute the sound of alerts in your Alerts Inbox.

Notification Email Settings

To configure how you are notified by email, click on Edit Profile. Under Notification Email Settings, you can set your notification preference to the following:

  • Send an email for each alert
  • Send a digest email with all alerts for each day (you will receive one email at the end of the day with all notifications over the last 24 hours)
  • Do not send email alerts

When you have set the notifications for your account, click Save.