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Peer-to-Peer Sharing

Feature available for Professional Plan and above

Peer-to-Peer Sharing in the new and improved Measure Library, allows member organizations to automatically pull peer data into your account for calculations, charts, and benchmarking! The library can be organized into custom groups by request and helps eliminate double data entry by integrating benchmark data into your regular performance reporting.


Accessing the Measure Library, Forming Groups, and Mapping Periods

The Measure Library can be enable for Professional Plan accounts and above by request. Please reach out to if you are interested!

Custom Groups can also be created upon request. This allows users to share and leverage data with select peers. Once the Measure Library has been enabled for your account, mapping periods is the necessary next step before pulling peer data into your account.

Check out the Accessing the Measure Library article for detailed instructions.

Contributing to the Measure Library

Once you have become a member of the Measure Library, you can consent to sharing measure data with the other member organizations, whether that is with the library as a whole or with selected custom groups.

Instructions for Contributing measures to the Measure Library can be found here.

Managing the Library Measures page

Now that you are in the Measure Library, you can filter, sort, and search for measures to find exactly what you are looking for.

Take a look at the Managing the Library Measure page article to maximize these features!

Previewing and Adding Peer Data from the Measure Library

After you preview and select the measures and peer data you want to bring back into your own account, there are several ways you can add the peer data to existing measures or as an entirely new measure.

The Adding Peer Data from the Measure Library article provides step-by-step instructions for adding peer data from the measure library into your own account.

Managing Measures in Use

You’ve shared measures with your custom groups and included peer data in your own measures and charts for benchmarking – now all that’s left to do is make sure everything continues to run smoothly. The ‘Measures in Use’ page of the Measure Library allows you to see which measure data you are using in your own account and recalculate those measures to ensure data is current.

Learn more about how to effectively manage the peer data you are using in your account by checking out the Managing ‘Measures in Use’ in the Measure Library article.