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Preserving historical information in ClearPoint

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Feature available for Professional Plan and above

Want to make changes to your account, but worried about losing older information? ClearPoint’s got you covered. Duplicating and locking a scorecard is a great option for those using yearly scorecards to track their strategic plan, or for those who want to make changes to a scorecard while keeping track of what it looked like previously. Snapshots are also a great way to┬ápreserve a copy of your entire account in its current state before making widespread changes. Learn how to duplicate a scorecard and lock the original scorecard to prevent changes below, or how to create a snapshot in this support article.


1) Click on ‘Manage Scorecards’ from under ‘Scorecards’ in the Top Navigation.

2) Click the Duplicate icon next to the scorecard you’d like to preserve. A new window will appear.

3) Name the new scorecard appropriately. This example uses ‘2017 Strategic Plan’ as our original scorecard was ‘2016 Strategic Plan’.

4) Make sure ‘Copy Status and Scorecard Data’ is selected. This preserves the status indicators and data from the original scorecard’s elements in the new scorecard.

5) Select ‘Cascade copy the Scorecard (duplicate all child Scorecards)’ to duplicate any child scorecards that live under the scorecard you are duplicating.

6) Click ‘Duplicate’.

7) Once the scorecard is duplicated, lock the original scorecard (instructions in linked article) to prevent further changes. (In this example ‘2016 Strategic Plan’ will be locked).

You can now proceed to use ‘2017 Strategic Plan’ while preserving the information in ‘2016 Strategic Plan’.

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