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Searching in ClearPoint

It’s easy to find the elements you’re looking for in ClearPoint; just use the search bar!


1) Click on the Search icon in the upper left corner.

2) A new view will appear when you click the search icon. The first column shows pages you have recently edited and/or updated.

3) The middle column shows the pages you have most recently viewed.

4) The final column shows which documents and exports you have recently viewed.


5) To search for a specific element or report, start typing into the search bar.

6) Based on your search, ClearPoint will show any matching reports in the left hand column, prioritized in this order: whether you are 1) an owner, 2) a collaborator, 3) in the user picklist, 4) recently edited/updated the page, 5) have the page as a favorite, and then 6) anything else.

7) In the right hand column, ClearPoint will show any matching elements prioritized in the same order as the reports.

8) To exit the search bar, click on the red ‘X’ in the top right corner, or click the search icon again.  This will return the element menus to the top navigation and take you back to the page you were viewing.


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